August Yummy Mummy

August Yummy Mummy

The Yummy mummy section this month features Nkechi Alikor, woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur.
The Yummy mummy section is about the modern mum who is raising children and also about her life shattering glass ceilings!
Here is our Beautiful Beginnings August 2017 Yummy Mummy – Nkechi Alikor
Q. What is your name?

A. Nkechi Alikor.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. I am an idealist, obviously a woman, wife and mother. I help Corporations coordinate and figure out their legal affairs. I am also a closet entrepreneur and I’m hoping that one day I would have the courage to finally venture out on my own.

Q. How many children do you have?

 A. Proud mummy of a 3-year-old prince and a 7year old princess.

Q.How have you grown since you became a mum?

A. I honestly don’t know … I am definitely not the same person I was 7 years ago… I am sure wiser, stronger in terms of character and probably more patient and possibly more paranoid.

Q: What do you miss most about your pre-baby days?

Sleeping my life away. Not being responsible for anyone but myself.

Q.What memorable mummy moment can you share with us?

A. We make memories every day. I can’t think of any specific one right now…maybe the very first time I held my children in my arms after they were born…. yes, that would be it.

Q. How do you keep fit?

A. I try to eat healthy but I fail ever so woefully. I exercise when I can, attend Zumba classes every now and then, cycle and just power walk whenever I am in the mood. When all these fail, I always go back to my starvation diet, not healthy I know. And it doesn’t help me stay fit but it does help me stay slim.

Q. What do you know now that you wished somebody had told you about being a mum?

A. Nothing really. I believe you learn as you go. I am not sure I have encountered anything as a mum that has really stunned or surprised me to be honest.

Q. What weird mum things do you do?

A. I really can’t think of any now, but I’m sure there are a few, cause even as a person I am not very normal (in a good way of course) ?

Q. What is the hardest part to you about being a mum?


The constant feeling that you’re not doing enough, that you’re getting everything wrong… the feeling of guilt when you can’t be available for your kids because you have to work or attend some work commitment. For a mother, I think it is that constant juggling act, it gets really tiring sometimes.

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