May Yummy Mummy

May Yummy Mummy

The Yummy mummy section this month features Olayinka Adeyemo, a wife, mother, fashion designer and serial entrepreneur.
The Yummy mummy section is about the modern mum who is raising children and also about her life shattering glass ceilings!
Here is our Beautiful Beginnings May 2017 Yummy Mummy – Olayinka Adeyemo
Q.Please tell us about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

A. My name is olayinka Adeyemo. I am a wife, mother and a serial entrepreneur. I am a fashion designer, I own the label Emerald Purple Threads (IG: @epthreads, FB: Emerald Purple Threads) I also run a Gym,  MaxFit Gym (IG: @Maxfitgyms).

I am totally sold out to Jesus christ.

Q. How many children do you have?

A. Our family is blessed with four amazing children

Q. What is it like being in a blended family? Your children are all at that age where they think they know everything right?

 A. lol. Uhmmmm

It is a beautiful place of strength and divine wisdom. Extra cautious, extra sensitive and you pray extraaaaa.

Q. We see all you do and it is just really inspiring,  how do you make this work? Your different roles, fashion designer, creative director, wife, mum and church?

A. Hehehehe. Hallelujah somebody.

If I tell you I know how, or if there’s a manual to it, it will be a big lie but one thing I am sure of, the extravagant Grace of God constantly backing me up.

It gets really overwhelming sometimes and I usually jokingly say I will run away to Norway.  (Don’t ask me why) lol.
I believe when God gives you an assignment, grace is released to carry you through.
Being a serial entrepreneur, fashion designing and fitness is already mentally and physically draining enough.

Then the home front, being a wife and mom and home maker….. it is just grace ooo. No explanation.

Q: What would you do differently if you didn’t have children?

A. Ermm…. It is quite hard to imagine.

Let me see…. I would probably have more me time and pamper myself silly

Mingle a bit more and invest more time, more money  and energy into my businesses.

Q. How has being a mum changed you?

A. I became a mom really early in life so it is  a tough one to answer.  One thing though… it made me focus quickly. It was easy to move on because it showed me the flip side of people early enough in life.  I knew exactly what I wanted and who I wanted to be and I knew I had to channel my focus to giving my child the best there could be.

Q. There are so many things competing for our children’s attention and sometimes it feels like a losing battle, how in your opinion does one keep them grounded?

A. Nothing beats spending time with them, earning their trust and friendship. They will be able to tell you anything even when they make mistakes or miss their way. Some days I just fizzle out of work to go home and play with them. The boys especially, we dance and play games together a lot

Q. What do you know now that you wish you had known or been told before you had children?

A. I wish I knew having children means laying down your life so they can live ???. Awon ti Jesus christ. They always come first. Always.

Q. We all have moments we think we are failing as moms, and or as wives because of the different caps we have to wear. What would you say to a woman who is dealing with that at this moment?

A. Those moments are inevitable. It is part of what makes you grow stronger.

First of all, everything should be discussed with GOD, the one who originally instituted marriage and who has your manual. Do everything with the leading of the holyspirit, even when you fall short, He is an ever present help.
Make time for yourself. Be organised. Order brings peace and increase. You can’t serve from an empty vessel, take care of your mind.
Make your home an avenue of peace, drop every weight as much as you can and be happy.

Q.You have to share your fitness secret with us Ma’am. How do you keep fit and look this good?

A. Hehehehe.

I will give you the expo when you come to my gym. I run a gym so it’s a lifestyle to work out and live healthy.
When you are genuinely happy from within, it radiates.  The joy of the lord is your strength.

Some of the designs by Emerald Purple Thread designs, IG: @epthreads

Pictures of  MaxFit Gym (IG: @Maxfitgyms).

  • Emily egege-ugiagbe
    Posted at 12:59h, 01 May Reply

    Waoh’awesome piece I must say,!
    I learnt a lot, especially the trusting God completely part’
    Weldone WoG, you are so so blessed, cheers

  • ronke
    Posted at 12:12h, 02 May Reply

    God bless and strengthen you. welldone mama!

  • Ladun soname
    Posted at 13:56h, 04 May Reply

    Juggling things as a mum n SERIAL entrepreneur…not for babies ,still u keep a gorgeous look…wanna b like u wen am grown?

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