November Yummy Mummy

November Yummy Mummy

Our November Yummy Mummy is the beautiful Yetunde Ogungbesan Enendu. A woman with a large heart who has chosen to thrive over despair and loss. A single parent, entrepreneur, a closet writer and a pure romantic.
The Yummy mummy section is about the modern mum who is raising children and also about her life shattering glass ceilings!
Here is our Beautiful Beginnings November 2017 Yummy Mummy – Yetunde Ogungbesan Enendu
BB. Please tell us about yourself. Who you are, what you are about ☺

Y.O.E. My name is Yetunde Enendu. I am a caterer, a baker, a mother. I am the last of five kids. Awesome, awesome siblings. My mom raised us as strict as could be. I am a bit of a rebel, but at the end the inner compass she instilled into me still points me true north. I am a Christian.

BB. What do you do?

Y.O.E. I am a caterer and a baker. My bakery and catering outfit is in Abuja and called Brown Bakeries. It started as something very small about six years ago, handling food for twenty people, sandwiches, small cakes. I remember the first time I got a contract to cater for eighty people. It felt huge!! ?????? I thank God for how far he has brought us. Now we cater for trainings for offices, weddings, birthdays. All kinds of food. And we bake cakes for every occasion too. My handle on Instagram is @brownbakeries.

BB. Raising 3 children as a single parent (especially in Nigeria) cannot be a walk in the park. How do you do it?

 A. Raising any number of kids in the present-day Nigeria is not a walk in the park at all. ???. Learning to cut my coat according to my cloth (not size) and refusing to keep up with the Joneses helps. I try to teach my kids to be grateful for whatever they get. And I have amazing supportive family and friends, they don’t spoon feed you anything, but are ready to lend a helping hand whenever your back hits the wall. They are awesome.

BB.What is the one big lesson life has taught you?

Y.O.E. The big lesson life has taught me is that you cannot control anything. You can do your best, put everything in, put your head down and pray. That is all. Life hits us with all kinds of unexpected stuff. Roll with the punches. You’ll be fine.

Q: What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going?

Y.O.E.  Music and my kids get me up in the morning. I am a huge music enthusiast. I love music a lot. I permanently have earphones on. It keeps me bubbling. ??? my kids appear to have inherited my love for that.

BB. What challenges do you deal with that you believe are peculiar to a single parent household? And how do you manage them?

Y.O.E. Hmmnn.. Challenges in a single parent household. The main one is being the sole decision maker. It is the difficult not having anyone to bounce decisions off of. Both in things that concern the kids, the home and my business. My husband was a very hands on parent and partner. We made all our decisions together.

BB. How do you de-stress? Because you are one happy woman, we need the secret!

Y.O.E. How I de-stress? I laugh!! A lot!! I never stop laughing. I watch funny movies, read funny stories, find memes on Facebook. I am very active on facebook. I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh.

BB. What would you say to another woman struggling to joggle loss, responsibilities and children? It is hard here in these streets, people need encouragement.

Y.O.E. To another woman trying to juggle loss, responsibilities and children, I would say, cut yourself some slack. Every single day you get up and put your feet to the pavement to grind is a victory. Every day you take care of those kids and just take care of business is a day you deserve kudos. God is an ever-listening ear. Don’t try to be perfect, just do your best every single day, then start over again the next day. One day at a time.

BB. Do you have a fitness regime?

Y.O.E. My fitness regime? I try to run at least thrice a week. I am plus size and love it that way, so my aim isn’t weight loss, it is overall health and fitness. Keeping the heart in tip top shape and pumping right. I think it is important, whatever size you are to take care of your body. Eat right and in moderation. Stay active.

BB. What is the one weird mum thing you do?

Y.O.E.  My weird mom thing? ???? oh my. I love to mime cartoon songs with my kids. We organise shows and have loads of fun doing this. And I hide in corners away from my kids to eat Chocolate. I think that’s a weird mom thing ?????, but once you have kids, nothing is yours anymore.

  • Omowumi F. Omidiji
    Posted at 08:45h, 01 November Reply

    Yetunde is all that and more. very creative. artist…cakes designs and writeups (babe, pls start a professional blog) loving and dedicated mum.strong and big heart…. laughing gas hehehehe. God’s Presence with you always babe.

  • Nike F
    Posted at 04:50h, 02 November Reply

    This woman here is golden. We’ve been friends for decades and she is just the most wonderful friend, beautiful inside and out. Her positivity is infectious and one thing we can all learn from

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