November Yummy mummy

November Yummy mummy

Starting this November, we at beautiful beginnings will be celebrating a yummy mummy each month. A modern mum who is raising children and also about her life shattering glass ceilings!
Here is our very first Beautiful Beginnings November Yummy Mummy Bolupe ?


Q:And your Name is?

A: Bolupe Adebiyi – Mrs. A when I’m  feeling bourgie-like ?

Q:Who are you and what do you do?

A: I am a mom mom kind of person! I feel like since I’ve had my kids, I identify more with being a mom than any other title – and I have quite a few of those too! I don’t know if that’s a weird thing or if it’s because I have a little baby and this is the ‘mommiest’ part of being a mom but yeah I’m a mom!

I am an entrepreneur – I own two businesses.

Q: What I wished I’d known before kids

A:  That a hot bod needs work? Lol! Took snapping back for granted with my first…2nd time around? Let’s just say I learnt ( learning) the hard way.

Beyond that though, not much – I have over 20 nieces and nephews and I love kids! I really and truly enjoy being a mum!

Q:How many kids do you have?

A: 2 beautiful ones

Q: In what ways do you believe you have grown since being a mom?

A: I’ve definitely grown in size (3 dress sizes to be precise) so there’s that! Lol.

I’ve become more private and I’m more  protective of people I care about.

I am more appreciative of things money cannot buy! I used to take things like family and love and health etc. for granted what little I had of it! But ever since I’ve become a mom,I love much more easily – I am thankful to God for every boogie-less nose, unassisted step taken, every smile I get, the air I breathe, each hug I get, the ability to do all the things we do and most of all, a peaceful home!

Q: What’s the hardest part to you about being a mom?:

A: The constant worry about my kids.

Q: What do you miss the most about your pre baby days?:

A: Being able to up and go really.

I do a lot of fun stuff now that I have kids. I have the most amazing little mom circle and we make it happen! I love the play dates, the mom talks, the dreams and aspirations we have for our kids and also for ourselves, the date nights and how positive and protective we are about our families. One of my companies also puts together fun mom events so not much to miss really.

Q: What are the weird mom things you do?

A: Too weird to mention here.

Q: Any fitness tips?:

A: Stop eating so damn much! (Wish I could take my own advice) And watch what you do eat!

While it’s great to work out, you don’t have to actively or consciously work out if you don’t have the time, chance or inclination to. Join mom groups, organise play dates, dance with your kids, be active! Start a business, volunteer and take your kids along too!

If you do those, you are bound to be fit while making great friendships, connections and helping your kids develop amazing social skills too!

  • Grandma Omowumi Omidiji
    Posted at 09:44h, 29 October Reply

    Lovely read. Beautiful dutiful life Mrs. A. Big hug.

  • Bimpe
    Posted at 20:14h, 29 October Reply


  • Chidi Chinweike
    Posted at 15:52h, 30 October Reply

    Awesome yummy mum! Enormous strength is what I see with my unseen eyes. Thumbs up

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