Stripes and Rolls!..Urghhh.

Stripes and Rolls!..Urghhh.

stretch-marks-1The struggle is real. Every other minute somebody is in your face (cue in social media glam) showing off a post baby bod. A snap back so fabulous, you almost feel alien.

No visible stretch marks, no rolls of fat and a tummy so snatched you literally drool. What is in this life ehn?? This world is not my own you think because you know that sexy 3weeks after birth picture you are drooling over is nowhere near where you are 6months after.

Wait a minute. How did we get here? You gave birth! Your body created, nurtured and protected a whole human for 9months. Of course you don’t look like your pre- pregnancy self. And you know what? That’s totally fine.

Your body has been through a lot, give it time to recover without feeling guilty. I am all for healthy living and keeping fit. But sweetie you need to stop letting unrealistic expectations put you under pressure. Pace yourself, commit to the process and most importantly love yourself through each stage.

Stretch marks will happen to the best of us, waist sizes will expand (believe that), let’s not get started on the toll childcare will take on you. Confidence is sexy. Feel good on the inside, look great on the outside. Your snap back is only a few rolls away 😉

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